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Remote starters are the BEST GIFT you can give to a loved one or yourself!!  Stop letting the cold get you down!!  BEAT THE COLD with a remote starter from TruckAmmo!

remote starter by Truckammo


Below are three examples of remote starters that we install here at Truck Accessories by TruckAmmo in Reading PA.  The first example is an original equipment integration of a remote starter using the factory key fob.  The owner will simply press the lock button 3 times to start the vehicle.  Pressing the lock button three more times will cancel the remote start.  This solution is available for many vehicles on the market today including most chrysler vehicles such as this Dodge RAM truck.


This next example is an Avital system made by Directed electronics.  This system includes two new key fobs that feature lock and unlock buttons as well as the remote start button and an auxilary button that can be used to program additional options such as rear hatch unlock, etc.  This system will replace the key fob that you may already have. 

This system boasts the following features:

Product Features
  • New! Virtual TachTM eliminates the
    need for a tach wire in most installations
  • New! D2D serial data port for Xpresskits
  • New! Bitwriter programmable for easy
  • Superhet receiver (HX) for great range
  • Two remotes with dedicated AUX outputs
  • Lock, Unlock, Trunk Release, and Remote Start
  • Outputs for optional Horn and Starter
    Kill/Anti-Grind relays
  • XCR relays onbard

System Features

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • D2D serial port for Xpresskits
  • Virtual Tach
  • Anti-Grind output (relay required)
  • Timer Mode
  • Keyless Entry (while running for 4113)


This final example is a Smart Start solution.  Here we install a module that uses the Verizon network to communicate with your phone to accept the remote start command from ANYWHERE on the planet as long as you have a cell signal.  This is also capable of using GPS to locate your vehicle as well as TRACK YOUR VEHICLE.  This is useful for children that you want to know where they are.  You can also get alerts when they leave or enter a certain area.

TruckAmmo remote starter packages start at $249 (older vehicles with all metal key). Most newer vehicles cost $349 or less installed! 

Call us now get a FAST quote and to schedule an installation appointment!  484-334-8939 

This is a GREAT gift too!  We will work with you to "secretly" install this system into a loved one's vehicle.  Just think about the look on their face when they open a small gift from you with a key fob inside and you tell them to point it at their vehicle and press the snowflake button!  You can also purchase the system for them and have them call to schedule the installation with us on their own.

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