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Snap Tonneau Covers

Snap Style Tonneau Covers:  Snap style bed covers offer the basic protection for your bed.  They cover it.  With the basic protection comes the base price.  You need to remember that you are getting what you pay for.  These covers do the job, but they have several drawbacks that you should consider before purchasing. 

  1. The snap issue: Basically you are getting a cover that comes in several pieces.  You have the tarp which has snaps on three sides.  You have side rails and a tail rail.  The rails have sliding snap receivers on them.  There are also bows that lay across the bed from side rail to side rail.  These bows keep the tarp from sagging so water will run off instead of pooling in the middle. The tarp is attached perminently to the rail at the cab side of the bed.  The idea is that you stretch the tarp out over the bows, and you snap it down to the side and tailgate rails to close it.  This is typically not a problem when the outside temperature is above 70 degrees.  When it starts to get cold, the tarp will stiffen up and shrink.  When this happens, it becomes incredibly difficult to get all of the snaps to engage.  If you are strong enough to do it without ripping the cover, then you are lucky.  If not, then you will have part of the cover flapping in the wind, and definately not giving you the protection you wanted when you bought the cover.  If you live in a warm climate, then you will not have to worry about this too much.  If not, then you should really consider this issue.  It is a real problem that causes most snap cover owners to regret their purchase.  Especially when the snapless covers only cost about $70 more. 
  2. The stake pockets:  Snap covers typically install on top of the bed rail.  This means that they cover the stake pockets in the bed walls.  As such, you will not be able to install most ladder racks, bed bars, or stake pocket tie downs.  You may not think you need this now, but can you say you never will?

Now that you know the background on these covers, have a look below at the options available to you.  These are still very nice looking covers that will keep your bed protected.


Extang BlackMax snap rollup cover Extang Platiunum Snap rollup tonneu cover

The Extang Blackmax is a great looking snap tonneau cover
that has the following features and benefits:

  1. Great looks
  2. 10 year tarp warranty
  3. lifetime frame warranty
  4. Adjustable snaps to help with shrinkage

The Extang Classic Platinum is a great looking full metal
framed version of the snap cover that also boasts:

  1. Full metal frame construction for strength
  2. Great looks
  3. Lifetime frame warranty
  4. 10 year tarp warranty

 Comparison chart for snap covers:

Tonneau Cover Model Cost Stake Pocket
Difficult to operate (ie has snaps) Installation Time Bows rollup with Tarp? look security water and dust resistance Percent of full bed access without uninstall Open and close time Strength to support weight
Extang BlackMax LOWEST NO YES 1hr NO GOOD LOW LOW 100 5 mins + none
Extang Classic Platinum LOWEST NO YES 1hr NO GOOD LOW LOW 100 5 mins + none

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