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Hinged Soft Tonneau Covers Extang Full Tilt

Soft Hinged or Tilting Tonneau Covers:  why do they have these?  The answer is immediate access to the entire bed (without necessarily opening the tailgate).  This lets you reach over the side of the bed to get things that may have moved around (most likely all the way to the front of the bed as my luck always plays out).  You won't have to climb on the tailgate and crawl under the cover to get your item.  You also won't have to unroll the entire cover and then roll it back up after you retrieved your item.  (if you have a snap cover in the winter during this situation, I suggest using a garden hoe to hook your item, driving in reverse with the tailgate open and then slamming on the brakes, or leave the item in there until spring before you unsnap even ONE of those devilish snaps!  (don't try that reverse thing, I was just kidding!)  The soft hinged cover can either quickly tilt open, or can be rolled open like the snap cover.  There is also a snapless version that will allow you to avoid the issues with the snaps.

There is only one manufacturer that makes a hinged tilting soft rollup tonneau cover.  That is Extang with their FullTilt Tonneau cover.


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Full Tilt

Remove entire tonno & frame, by yourself, with no tools.

1. Gas shocks are designed to be easily removed by hand using a ball and joint snap release. No tools needed. Leave your entire tonno at home within seconds!       2. Grab the tonno and lift up at an angle as shown and the QuickRelease instantly disconnects.       3. Now pick it up and off. The rugged reinforced aluminum frame and vinyl tarp is only 30 lbs Lifts off by only one person.

Roll it up and go!

  Can’t leave the frame? Then, roll up the tarp and remove the bows for carrying large items back home. No tools.
Extang: America's number one selling truck bed covers
FullTilt: Allows Maximum Use of your Truck Bed Space

The perfect tonno for cold climates

  • All-weather adjustable snaps and hinged tonnno design allow for year-round bed access even in the coldest climates.
  • Can be easily used with one hand.
  • No drilling. No damage. Protects finish.
  • Quick and easy do-it-yourself installation.

Bow height adjustment

Photos showing bow height adjustment

Extang’s Monster Bows™ quickly spring on and off with no tools. It’s fast and easily done with one hand. The TUFFKLAMPs™ allow two bow heights: HIGH for maximum water shedding in harsh weather, and for improved gas mileage. LOW for sporty good looks and cold weather tonno attachment.


Advanced FullTilt™ Tonno Features:

  • Most advanced features of any tonno made.
  • Extang engineering gives a solid and secure feel as the hinged tonno is opened and closed.
  • Hinges at the front cab rail and not in the middle of tonno material avoiding tarp wear. Front hinge allows maximum access to bed.
  • Extang’s patent pending Quick Release™* and L-Rail™* System provide a no-measure installation that is accurate and very easy to do.
  • L-Rails™* create a self-centering lid system that also prevents damage to the truck’s finish.
Quick Release hinge mechanism track fro attachment
  • Long centered handy pull strap for easy reach and a true level closing.
  • Tarp can be rolled up and bows removed hauling that unexpected large load home.
  • Proven neoprene rubber padded TuffKlamp™ system. No damage. No drilling.
  • Photo of Tuff KlampsPolymer covered handles do not scratch the truck, restrict cargo space cross-bar latches.
  • Automotive style sealing system:
    - ribbed seal at rear tail gate.
    - tubular labyrinth seals along sides.
  • Aluminum tonno frame, spring-loaded Bows™ and ClickLock™ corners with steel TuffSnaps™—all state-of-the-art patented features that bring the best design to the ultimate hinged tonno system.
  • The finest quality and most solid construction. Extang engineered throughout.

Tarps designed for strength & good looks

Corners don’t buckle up due to parachute grade nylon corner reinforcements.Photo of reinforced corner Snaps & corners are backed with thick polymer forcing the corners and edges to lie smooth and look good in any weather. The thick polymer edging also keeps your snaps from ripping out!

Snaps are your tonno’s most important part

photo of Max Snap

Fiberglass reinforced nylon formula makes the BlackMax’s snaps strong and durable. Tested and proven under intense usage for years in the lab and field. Extang’s patented “MAXSNAPS™” will not break.

Extang makes the ONLY tonnos that work well in cold climates

Illustation of Extang rotatable offset snaps
  • Stud low for tight fit in hot weather
  • Slide off, flip over, then slide on again
  • Stud high for looser fit in cold weather

Bows will never fall off

diagram of Monster Bows

The MONSTER BOWS™ ends are spring loaded for easy installation. They will never fall off at any speed or even with the roughest driving conditions. Simply push and hold on one end and let the other end slide on using the spring action. They are Extang engineered for simplicity, speed of install and everyday convenience and confidence.


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