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Soft Folding Tonneau Covers

Soft Folding or TriFold Soft Tonneau Covers:  Soft folding tonneau covers or TriFold tonneau covers are a new design that is starting to become very popular.  People like them because they are incredibly easy to install (it takes longer to get it out of the box, really!).  They are also popular because they open and close very quickly.  They also look good.  They typically have a flat surface rather than a bowed or curved survace like the less expensive soft covers.  They do however have one drawback:  As you can see in the picture below, when they are completely open, you still have 1/3 of the cover sitting on the bed rails (except for the Truxedo Deuce).  You are not going to be able to slide a couch or anything taller than the bed walls up to the back of the cab for MOST models.  There are some that either convert to a rollup (like the Truxedo Duece).  If you are opting for this type (and that is still a good choice), make sure you know if the one you chose lets you use the entire bed or not.  Security on these is typically better than the lower cost soft models.  If you have a locking tailgate, then a thief is going to really have to yank on the cover to get an arm in, and then they are going to have to reach around and figure out how to release the latch at the top of the tailgate.  This would be VERY hard. 


Extang Trifecta Trifold soft folding tonneau cover Truxedo Deuce folding soft Tonneau cover

The Extang Trifecta is a well made trifold soft folding
tonneau cover.  It has the following key features

  1. Simple installation- comes preassembled!
  2. Great looks and easy operation
  3. Built in security when combined with tailgate lock


The Truxedo Deuce is an innovative design that has the
convenience of a folding cover without the drawbacks.

  1. Folding section allows access to the front of the bed
  2. Cover rolls up allowing full access to the bed
  3. Stake pockets are not covered and can be used


Tonneau Cover Model Cost Stake Pocket
Difficult to operate (ie has snaps) Installation Time Bows rollup with Tarp? look security water and dust resistance Percent of full bed access without uninstall Open and close time Strength to support weight
Truxedo Deuce MED YES NO 20min YES BETTER BETTER BETTER 100 30 seconds none
Extang Trifecta MED NO NO 20min YES BETTER BETTER BETTER 66 15 seconds none

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