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Retractable Tonneau Covers

Retractable Tonneau Covers Retractable Tonneau Covers 


Whether they are soft, hard, locking, or retractable, Tonneau covers can offer you peace of mind when hauling cargo in your pickup truck. When choosing the right Tonneau cover for your truck, you should know what you are going to haul, what level of protection you want for your belongings, as well as the features already present on your truck. If your tailgate locks, for instance, you will need a different type of Tonneau cover than if you have an older-model truck that does not have a locking tailgate.

At Truck Ammo, we can talk to you about the different types of Tonneau covers that we offer, and help you choose the one that is right for your truck and your cargo. Give us a call and we can explain our range of hard, soft, and retractable Tonneau covers, and how to install them, so that you can be comfortable with your decision.

Why Retractable Tonneau Covers?

There are several types of pickup truck bed covers because they perform different functions. Retractable Tonneau covers are the product of choice for many owners due to their combination of functionality and ease of use. Keeping your cargo safe and secure is the main purpose of a truck bed cover, but the large, bulky covers of years past aren't necessarily an attractive addition to your truck. This is another consideration that makes the retractable version of a bed cover an appealing choice.

Retractable Tonneau covers combine the cargo protection of a hard cover with the usability and streamlined profile of a soft cover. This means that instead of grappling with a hard cover that comes off in one piece and must be repositioned each time you want access to your cargo, you can simply retract your cover. Some of our favorite retractable covers are button-operated, and can retract then close back over your bed in as little as thirty seconds.

Because they are retractable, Tonneau covers that roll back also have the convenient feature of allowing partial bed access. If you only want to grab something that is close to your tailgate, or you don't want to expose all of your cargo by taking off a traditional hard cover, using a retractable bed cover can let you slide the cover back as much as you need, and then quickly lock it back in place.

Using Your Cover

Retractable Tonneau covers come in several varieties to ensure that you get the right combination of security, weather protection, ease of use, and visual appeal. They are all similar in that they conceal your cargo and keep it out of reach of thieves, and away from damaging elements without the need for a massive dome cover.

No matter which version of the retractable pickup bed cover you choose, you will find they are almost as easy to install as they are to use. Your cover will come with all of the hardware and instructions you need to secure it to your pickup bed. If you find you are having trouble any step of the way, give Truck Ammo a call and we will walk you through getting your retractable Tonneau cover in place so that you can start enjoying the benefits of one of the best truck accessories in the industry.

Retractable Truck Bed Covers

There are several different truck bed covers available on the market today, but retractable truck bed covers are nearly impossible to find. At Truck Ammo, however, we carry BAKFlip truck covers, which allow you to use as much or as little of your truck bed as you need, without having to remove your entire truck bed cover.

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