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Extang Tonneau Covers

Extang Tonneau Covers Extang Tonneau Covers 


Truck owners love their trucks. At Truck Ammo, we share this passion, and strive to provide the products that let each truck owner care for their vehicle in the most effective and beneficial way possible. One way we do this is by offering Extang Tonneau covers.

What is a Tonneau Cover?

The word "Tonneau" comes from a French term meaning "barrel". Originally, it referred to the passenger compartment of certain early vehicles. Now it is applied to products that cover the bed of pickup trucks, to protect the truck and cargo hauled within it. These covers offer varying levels of defense against theft and weather, which is important for anyone that uses their truck frequently. Extang Tonneau coversare the original line of pickup bed covers, and still earn the respect and loyalty of consumers.

What makes Extang Different?

Since 1982, Extang has been offering truck owners a full range of Tonneau covers to protect their beds and cargo. Extang Tonneau covers meet strict quality standards and are constantly improving. At Truck Ammo, we pride ourselves in providing consumers access to the Extang covers that will fulfill their needs for function, usability, and appearance. We believe in total customer satisfaction, and that means offering an extensive line of products that we would use on our own trucks.

How to Choose Extang Tonneau Covers

No two trucks or truck owners are the same, so Extang Tonneau covers are offered in a variety of forms that cater to each owner's individual needs. Though there are three basic versions of the pickup truck bed cover, each one also has variations.

Soft Extang Tonneau covers are similar to tarps, and offer basic weather protection and concealment of cargo. Extang offers versions that snap into place, as well as those that simply lock on. These covers can be rolled away when you need access to your cargo.

Retractable Extang Tonneau covers are the most versatile versions of these products. These covers offer stronger protection for your cargo than soft covers, while remaining easy to use. Retractable covers allow you to quickly and easily reveal all or a portion of your cargo whenever you need it. Some work with nothing more than the push of a button, and retract in less than a minute.

Extang offers its strongest security and best weather protection through hard covers. Hard Extang Tonneau covers lock securely into place and completely contain your cargo to ensure that it cannot be accessed, while protecting it from damaging elements. Some hard covers can be removed as one piece, while others tilt out of the way. Another option is a hard cover that folds up into sections, which can let you reveal only a portion of the bed at a time. The newest offerings from Extang let you uncover the front of the bed independently from the rest. With these covers, you can protect all of your cargo from weather and prying eyes.

If you are interested in Extang Tonneau Covers but aren't sure which version is right for you, we will happily discuss your needs and explain each type, so we can match you with the right product. We know you love your truck, and choosing an Extang cover lets you love it even more.

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