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Hard Tonneau Covers

Hard Tonneau Covers Hard Tonneau Covers 


The term "precious cargo" can mean different things to different people. As a pickup truck owner, you have your own idea of what makes your cargo precious, and exactly why it needs to be protected. Whether you're carrying expensive equipment or tender plants ready to be added to your next landscaping project, what you carry in your pickup bed deserves to be protected from the weather, and concealed from prying eyes. Hard Tonneau covers let you do just that. If you aren't familiar with these covers, we can tell you more about them and help you figure out which model is perfect for your truck.

What is Tonneau?

Originally, "Tonneau" referred to a compartment within a vehicle - specifically, the passenger seat in the back. It was called a Tonneau due to its open, rounded shape. Eventually the term came to be applied to an actual style of automobile body that could include a permanent cover, or one that was removable. As the auto industry evolved, so did the Tonneau shape, so that it became the modern four-door sedan. Now the term is used to describe a cover that protects a seat that isn't being used in a convertible, or the cargo within a pickup truck. Retractable, soft, or hard, Tonneau covers are popular accessories for pickup truck owners.

Hard Tonneau Covers and You

You may have seen a truck with a large, boxy cover placed over the bed. Not only are these not the most visually appealing, but they can be inconvenient and difficult to use. Some require special equipment and multiple people just to remove. This does not lend itself to quick cargo access. The alternative to these bulky pieces are hard Tonneau covers.

Hard pickup bed covers are custom-fit to each truck model, so they become extensions of the truck itself. You can even choose a cover that matches your truck exactly, to give a stunning, streamlined appearance. This way, you can protect your cargo from the elements, and from other people, without sacrificing the appearance of your truck.

Choosing Your Cover

There are other forms of Tonneau covers, including soft forms that are much like tarps, as well as retractable versions. Among the options, hard Tonneau covers offer the best in customization and function. These pieces fully protect your cargo from weather, including rain, wind, and sunlight, and lock in place for the utmost in security.

At Truck Ammo, we can walk you through the options of hard Tonneau covers and help you choose the one that will provide the protection and beauty you want, at competitive prices. Once we have helped you choose your cover, we will get it to you as fast as possible. We know how exciting it is to add something new to your truck, so we don't delay its arrival with long processing times and slow shipping. In fact, if you get your order in by 3 PM Eastern time, we will get your cover boxed and out of the warehouse that afternoon. That means that you could be installing your new bed cover as soon as the next day.

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