Dodge Lift Kits

2.5 Inch Leveling Kit


 Are you tired of your truck bowing down to other vehicles? A level kit will bring the front end of your Chevrolet or GMC up and give it an aggressive stance. This kit will allow up to a 35 inch tire on your truck which will also add height to your truck. 

2.5 Inch Leveling Lift Kit


 If you want to level your truck but need it to be function also then the leveling lift is the kit for your truck. This will add 2.5 inches to the front of your truck and 1 inch to the rear. This kit allows you to haul without your truck looking over weight. 

3 Inch Lift Kit


 Are you looking to lift your truck without going extreme? Then a 3 inch lift is the right kit for you. This kit will allow you to run 35 inch tires and make your truck stand loud and proud.

4 Inch Lift Kit


 The 4 inch lift is designed to give you a bigger wheel well gap to have better articulation without having tire rub. Do you plan going off road regularly? Then this kit is what you need to leave the black top! 

6 Inch Lift Kit


This lift is not for the faint of heart. This lift is for the truck lover that wants to reach greater heights. You can run 37 inch tires and have an awesome looking truck. 

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