Running Boards and Nerf Bar Side Steps

 Truck Accessories by TruckAmmo of Reading PA is proud to offer a large selection of Running Boards, Side Steps, and Nerf Bars for all makes and models of Truck, SUV, VAN, as well as Jeeps.   Many of these styles come with lifetime warranties and FREE INSTALLATION. 

Nerf Bars:

Nerf Bars are typically installed on Trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps.  They are usually made of a steel tube that is either painted (usually black), or plated (usually chrome).  The painted bars are usually mild steel and they carry a warranty between 3 and 5 years depending on the manufacturer.  The Chrome bars are typically stainless steel.  They carry warranties between 5 years and lifetime depending on the manufacturer.  These bars come in round or oval tubes and are either straight with brackets coming out from under the vehicle, or curved and attach under the vehicle.Here in PA, it is HIGHLY recommended that customers purchase nerf bars with a lifetime warranty.  With the chemicals that are used on our roads in the winter time, mild steel painted bars tend to rust quickly.  The stainless steel chrome bars with the lifetime warranty are guaranteed against rust and will hold up against the elements and chemicals on the roads. 

 Below is a video of a set of 3" Chrome nerf bars that we installed on an SUV. 

 This video shows the 3" Nerf bars on a pickup truck: 

Running Boards:

 Running Boards are typically made from aluminum or a combination of plastic and aluminum.  Some running boards are made from steel or stainless steel.  Running boards are typically installed on Vans, SUVs, and Trucks.  They usually offer a wider footpad than a nerf bar.  Some styles have lights that come on when the door is opened or when the doors are unlocked.  We have all of the popular styles in stock. 


The picture above shows a set of Westin Running boards.  These are very popular with the SUV and VAN owners.