Jeep Lift Kits

We have a large selection lifts available for your Jeep from many different manufacturers. Here are our most popular lift kits.

2.5 inch rough country spacer lift


The Rough Country 2.5 inch spacer lift is designer to be an economical solution to lift your Jeep and fit bigger tires.

2.5 inch Rough Country Spring and Spacer lift


This lift kit is similar to the other 2.5 inch kit but instead of spacers you will get new springs and shocks. This kit is great if you plan on going off road frequently or need to replace the shocks and springs.

3.5 inch Rough Country Lift kit


This lift kit is great to get your Jeep higher and adds lower control arms which would help with ride comfort.

4 Inch Rough Country Lift Kit


This is our most popular lift as it is gives your Jeep a great look and allows you to run 35 inch tires. We recommend a full geometry correction kit to help keep your factory ride.

6 Inch Rough Country Lift Kits


This kit is for the extreme off road enthusiast. It will give you the most height and will come with everything needed to get the best articulation off road.

Don't see a lift your are looking for?


 Call email or stop in and we can help you get the lift you want we carry a largest selection of sizes and brands to fit everyone's needs.